PRESS RELEASE: Changes to the Board

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The Board of Directors of Pound-Maker Investments Ltd. (PMI) are pleased to announce the following changes to the Board.

At the Annual Meeting on November 9, 2016, the shareholders supported the Directors’ nominations for the election of Mr. Kyle Bergen and Mr. Brad Wildeman for three-year terms. Kyle Bergen grew up in Drake where he was involved with the family farm. Kyle attended the University of Saskatchewan, receiving his Diploma in Agriculture. He has been farming with his father and brother since 2005 and also works for Blair’s Fertilizer as an Agronomist out of the Lanigan location. Mr. Brad Wildeman is the former President of Pound-Maker Agventures Ltd. He served as the senior officer of the company since 1985, and continues to advise current management and Board on corporate issues. Brad also sits on several advisory boards and committees in Saskatchewan serving the agricultural community.

On December 15, 2016, Mr. Mylles Wildeman, resigned from his position of Board Chair and President of PMI. Mylles Wildeman has served as Chair of the Board and President of PMI for over 21 years. Mr. Brad Wildeman was appointed Board Chair and President of PMI following Mr. Mylles Wildeman’s resignation from the position.
Mr. Brad Wildeman acknowledged the past Chairman’s significant role, stating "Mylles' leadership as a Board member and Chairman over the past two decades has been instrumental to the success Pound-Maker has experienced. We look forward to his contribution as an active Board member throughout the remainder of his term as Director."


For more information, media may contact:

                Brad Welter, President    
                Pound-Maker Agventures Ltd.
                email, or phone (306)365-4281

                Brad Wildemen, Chairman and President
                Pound-Maker Investments Ltd.
                email, or phone (306)365-4281