Feedlot Marketing

Feeder Cattle Purchases

Pound-Maker purchases all types of feeder cattle throughout the year.

The primary source of feeder cattle supplies come from auction markets throughout Western Canada. Pound-Maker uses licensed order buying firms to bid on cattle at these sales and has order buyers in all auction markets in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and central and Northern Alberta.

Pound-Maker also purchases cattle directly from producers. Pound-Maker offers cash bids on cattle for immediate sale.

To enquire about marketing opportunities at Pound-Maker, contact Brad Welter.

Fed Cattle Marketing

Pound-Maker feeds all cattle at our lot, whether custom cattle or company owned, to finished weights and grades, and sells them to beef processing companies in Western Canada.

The majority of the fed cattle are sold through agreements directly with packing plants on a live basis. Pound-Maker from time to time will also sell cattle on a forward contract basis, as part of its risk management strategy. Pound-Maker may also enter forward delivery contracts on behalf of our custom feeders, if they so determine they want this form of risk management.

Pound-Maker also sells individual animals to individuals who would like to process an animal for their personal use. There are several abattoirs in our area that can process these animals, and offer various other specialty products and services. If you are interested, please call the main office for details.