Grain Prices & Booking

We purchase feedgrains, ethanol feedstocks, hay and straw for our operations.  Producers interested in receiving marketing updates may contact the feedmill to sign up for monthly email notices.

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Feedmill Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

6:30am to 4:00pm

Direct line: 306-365-4282

Current Prices

Cash prices are based on delivery within two weeks of date priced.

 Barley  $ per bushel $ per tonne
 (based on 48 lb bushel weight, 15% moisture)  
 Cash Price call for pricing call for pricing
 Wheat - Feed
 CWSWS, CPS, General Purpose varieties
 (based on min. 60 lb bushel weight, 14% moisture)  
 Cash Price  call for pricing call for pricing

 ** deliveries that do not meet specifications will be subject to discounts and may be rejected at time of delivery **


Hay and Straw

We purchase hay and straw bales based on seasonal requirements.

Hay: contact feedbill

Straw: no offers at this time

Delivery opportunities for both hay and straw are available through the feedmill.


For more information or booking, please contact the feedmill.