In the News

  • Feed Watch
    Canadian Cattleman, June 17 2019
    A look at growing conditions in the Prairies and Ontario

  • 2018 Fall Convocation Award Winners
    University of Saskatchewan
    Brad Wildeman Honorary Doctor of Laws

  • Ethanol in the Classroom
    Renewable Fuels Association
    Ethanol in the Classroom eLearning course designed to educate elementary, middle school and high schoolers on all things ethanol. 

  • Ethanol makers get break
    The Western Producer, February 2017
    Higher oil prices and lower feed wheat costs are allowing ethanol plants to break even following a recent period of rough times.

  • 2017 Boehringer Ingelheim WCABP Veterinarian of the Year
    Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners, January 2017
    This year’s recipient of the Boehringer Ingelheim WCABP Veterinarian of the Year award was Dr. Fritz Schumann from Saskatoon, SK.

  • Canadian Producers Poised for Carbon Reduction Era
    Ethanol Producer Magazine, December 2016
    Optimism is growing among Canadian biofuel producers as the federal government is embracing carbon reduction strategies in its climate change action plan. 

  • Earls meat decision gives much to chew on
    CBC News Saskatoon, May 2016
    People in the industry, like feed-lot owner Brad Wildeman, from Pound-Maker Agventures in Lanigan, Sask., have some issues with the Certified Humane label.

  • Researcher gets beef sector award
    Western Producer, March 2016
    John McKinnon’s studies into feed efficiency have increased competitiveness of the cattle industry.

  • Industry involvement keeps cattle producers busy
    Western Producer, November 2015
    This Saskatchewan ranching family contribute their time to strengthening our industry, and supply us with a great load of feeders every year.

  • Prairie ethanol sector hits tough times
    Western Producer, July 2015
    The industry says the closing of a plant in Weyburn, Sask., is a sign that all is not 
well in the biofuel sector.

  • 'Experience was a great teacher'
    Western Producer, December 2012
    Brad Wildeman at the Pound-Maker Ag-Ventures feedlot near Lanigan, Sask.

  • Q&A With CCA's President, Brad Wildeman
    Cattlemen The Beef Magazine, March 2008
    At their annual general meeting in Ottawa this month, the Canadian Cattlemen's Association elected Brad Wildeman as their president.

  • Saskatchewan Men of Influence
    Paul Martin, February, 2006, Saskatchewan Businss Magazine
    For the fifth consecutive year, Saskatchewan Business Magazine is pleased to recognize some of the province's most influential men.

  • Coffee shop talk
    Ted Serhienko, Spring 2005, Herefords Today
    In the 1960’s, crops were bountiful and markets very weak. The land and climate in the area were ideally suited for growing barley but three bushels for a dollar was not a profitable venture.

  • Managing to a higher level
    Cygnus Corporation
    From Food Sentry magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2.
    Used with permission from Ridley Inc.
    The late 1960s were a tough time to be growing barley in Saskatchewan. The land and the climate were ideally suited to growing barley, but prices had fallen to the point where it took several bushels to earn a dollar.

  • 2002 Environmental Award
    2002 Feedlot Environmental Stewardship Award Information Package